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LMC Musica440 D



4 Berths

6624 mm

1400 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Musica470 D



4 Berths

6841 mm

1600 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Musica470 E



4 Berths

7029 mm

1600 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Musica490 E



4 Berths

7230 mm

1700 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Musica560 E



4 Berths

7704 mm

1700 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


All prices for the options are at an installation by factory. You must calculate with additional costs at additional fittings from your dealer. Accessories recommended by us and original spare parts are especially developed and authorized by us for your vehicle. Your LMC dealer leads these products; he is informed about permitted, technical details and executes the necessary work professionally. Not released accessories or components be able to do to damages to the vehicle and lead the impairment of the roadworthiness. Products, or by not permitted changes, no-one can become assumed liability. The mass in running order* corresponds to the series execution without special outfit. At installation of special outfit the mass in running order* increases and the load correspondingly goes down. Please take into account the weights of the special outfit at the additional load**. Changes of prices, technological data, facilities and equipment as well as formal manner are left. The details on scope of supply, appearances and capacities correspond the one at the time of the printing existing knowledge. Deviations of+ are / 5 % possible at measure and indications of weight. The additional load** calculated from this can vary correspondingly. Our indications of weight meet the requirements of the EC guideline 661/2009 and VO (EU) 1230/2012.


Impressions of your new home



CARAVANNING WITH A UNIQUE CHARACTER. It's no wonder that each of its eleven different layouts offer a hughe immense of space. Well thought-out living area concepts combined with a high standard of safety and proven craftsmanship from Sassenberg are features that make the Musica into an exceptional modern caravan. The sturdy construction is already visible from the outside – it's love at first sight. The side panels on this caravan are made from robust hammer effect plate. The integrated Long Life Technology (LLT) is the result of continuous development of the materials used for the body. Here we raise the bar a notch higher when it comes to long service life, safety and value retention. In addition LMC incorporates flexibility in the production of the Musica. The best example of this is the choice of options for the number of berths ranging from two to eight persons. Combined with the fashionable interior, it becomes the ideal companion for demanding caravan owners seeking the ideal solution for two persons or even a large family. The LMC Musica - for travelling in style. It's already an evergreen now.


Chassis / Cockpit

The Musica is the classic model in the LMC caravan range. One of the reasons why it's a great favourite is because we've given it a premium AL-KO chassis as standard to go on its travels.  You benefit from excellent handling and extra safety. We supply you with a noticeably better ride comfort and particularly high quality since the chassis is made of galvanised U-shaped profiles. Heavy-duty corner steadies, a stabiliser coupling and automatic self-adjusting brakes complete the comfort package of this all-time favourite. 


Gas / Electricity

A carefree holiday is when everything just simply works. As on the Musica. Gas and electricity are safely installed using a production process involving continuous testing. Plug in and press the switch - no matter if it's the LED lighting in the living area or the practical exterior socket for 230 V, TV, 12 V or gas - everything works. Thanks to tests during and after production and installation complying with standards, you can be sure that using gas and electricity is safe and problem-free. 


Heating / Water supply

Simply enjoy your holiday without even thinking about going home. The efficient non electric gas heater only needs a short warm-up phase to supply cosy warmth, even when the weather outside is below zero. This is because the Truma S 3004 has reliable high-performance product features to provide a cosy warmth in the living area at the press of a button within a short period of time. The 44 l fresh water tank with exterior fill nozzle has a practical fresh water level indicator. 



The holiday kitchen fits in perfectly with the elegant interior design of the Musica. Overhead cupboards in harmonious wood finish and large drawers provide room for food for the whole family. The large refrigerator and the newly designed three-burner hob from Thetford are both a pleasure to use. After the meal, all cooking utensils pop back into their place as quick as a flash. Here you can savour international delicacies or good home cooking with all your senses entirely according to your taste. You've just got to love this source of energy.  


LLT - Long Life Technologie

LMC Long Life Technology is our innovative construction technology. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.



What would a holiday be without restful sleep? This is why the berths on the Musica deserve more than only one star. Of course they offer cold-foam mattresses which naturally come with adjustable and medically recommended slatted frames. Just as indispensable are the fixed beds with gas struts, a roll-out bed and the roof vent. It's also obvious that these fantastic highlights are included in the standard equipment package. That's precisely when the Musica shows itself from its most comfortable side.  



Start the day or the night fresh. Whatever you need to freshen up will find its place in the vivacious bathroom of the Musica. Despite this it still offers plenty of room to lavishly enjoy a morning wash every day. Just as in the living area, the spacious toilet cubicle is highlighted by a wood veneer look. Attention to detail also shows through in the separate shower tray, the washbasin with its base cabinet and the tidy organiser in the washroom door. Practical bathroom fittings - by professional caravan designers created just for you. What more could a caravanner want?



When you are active the whole day long, you need a fixed central point in your life. Welcome to the Musica. The interior radiates the warm colours of the Acuto furniture finish. Just as exceptional are the rounded overhead cupboard doors and the cosy corner seating groups. Eye-friendly reading lights complete your perfect holiday living experience. And the best feature in the Musica is the high-quality standard equipment on all models. Just typical of LMC.


Pop-up roof

For families especially, it is essential to remain flexible. The LMC pop-up roof is just what's needed. With a couple of twists you have a roof which is ideal as a play and snuggle den for both big and small - and of course provides has two additional berths. The special thing is that it has no effect on headroom or stowage space in the caravan - that's what flexibility is all about. For grandparents or parents with or without (grand-)children, it's the ideal solution for families. If the two additional berths are not in used, just simply fold the pop-up roof down.

Please refer to our LMC price lists for all options, packages and further details.

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All the highlights at a glance


Pull-out slatted frame

The practical pull-out slatted frame transforms the single beds into a large double bed (depends on model) by simply pulling on a handle.


Ventilated furniture

Ventilated furniture allows air to circulate in the caravan’s interior. Warm air rises and creates an ideal climate in the living room and the cabinets.


Maximum sleeping comfort

All caravans are standardly equipped with cold foam mattresses for maximum sleeping comfort and ideal support for individual parts of the body.


LMConnect Display

Our LMConnect Display is so convenient and lets you call up all functions and states in your caravan using the touch function.  


Smoke detector

Safety first. Smoke detectors are installed in all caravans.


Drawer guiding with soft close feature

The Soft Stop feeders make working in the kitchen as comfortable and easy as being at home.


Blinds for your privacy

The LMC multifunctional blinds keep the light and the bugs out. Aluminising allows for maximum opaqueness at any time of the day, thereby ensuring your privacy.


Splash guard in the kitchen

Protect your upholstery materials from unwanted splashes. 


Storage space/payload

The AL-KO lightweight chassis and weight-saving assembly allows for larger payloads. A variety of innovative storage spaces minimise unused space.


AAA-Premium Brake

The automatic brake adjustment AAA reduce your braking distance in emergency situations and leads to an even greater security for your caravan.



Award-winning AL-KO chassis. Safety and driving stability with a semi-trailing arm axle, braking ability far above legally proscribed levels and a special clutch system with special safety and wear indicator.


Car rear lights

Our LED lamps make the rear of your caravan look even more dynamic and upmarket. 


Aluminium chequer plate front locker

Gas bottles remain safe and secure in the chequer plate lined front locker while driving.


GRP in the front, roof and rear

Series-standard GRP in the front, roof and rear effectively protects the caravan from storm damage and weather conditions.


LED lighting

Long-life LED lights bring your caravan through eco-friendly and energy-saving lighting technology up to date.


Increased safety

The double-locking door lock offers the highest protection for your caravan.



Award-winning AL-KO chassis. Safety and driving stability with a semi-trailing arm axle, braking ability far above legally proscribed levels and a special clutch system with special safety and wear indicator.


Safe handling

AL-KO Trailer Control – the anti-skid system for caravans. Similar to ESP in cars, the ATC permanently controls the handling of the caravan. In driving situations that cause the caravan to fishtail, lateral acceleration censors in the ATC control electronics detect the slightest sideways movements and prevent the caravan from jack-knifing.


Safety clutch AKS

The AKS makes driving relaxed and safe. It effectively prevents fishtailing and pitching, allowing you to regain control quicker.


Decomposable construction

Highly stable PU strips in the walls. Moisture-resistant XPS foam guarantees a long service life with a 12-year guarantee* of impermeability. *Long Life Technology (LLT) for all LMC caravans and motorhomes: LMC grants a vehicle body water-tightness warranty of 12 years to all caravans and motorhomes. Motorhomes: However, this applies up to a total distance travelled of 120,000 km.An annual, fee-based test by an LMC contract partner is required.


Added comfort for your new home

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Alaska Grey
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Sahara White
Terra Brown

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All our caravans are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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All our motorhomes are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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