Discover the exclusive benefits of your
new digital home now with LMConnect

✔ Pleasantly cool or cosily warm - decide what you want and press a key even before you get there

✔  No more futile getting up to check the fill levels and switches 

✔  Keep a calm eye on your tanks and other resources

✔  Technology that thinks for you 

✔  Complete control of your equipment when
      you‘re not there

✔  Intuitive functions

✔  Reliable functionality via Bluetooth or Cloud

✔  Well designed and manageable

✔  Very high technical safety standards

✔  Available for all common Android and IOS systems

✔  Change the interior climate in your caravan

✔  Change the temperature of your hot air or hot water heater as you wish

✔  Check the status of your tanks or hot water heater

✔  The well-designed display shows you the levels in your fresh and waste water tanks when you want

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