For the long life of your caravan
and excellent value retention

Just drive off on your tour with the great feeling you have a reliable partner at your side – value retention and a long service life are the decisive factors for our customers when they choose a vehicle from the House of LMC.  

From their well-designed construction and the careful selection of materials through to high-precision

production - when we build our vehicles, we strive to exceed the high expectations of our customers when it comes to quality and long service life. With our Long Life Technology we have achieved even more value retention and safety for our vehicles. At the same time, they are even lighter. Thanks to LLT our vehicles
are equipped with energy efficiency and functional details which give your vehicle the best protection against the weather.

12 year warranty on body water-tightness* against moisture penetration.

Hail protection and weather-proofing with GRP roof cladding.

Difficult ground surfaces are no problem. Our vehicles masters it all – well protected by their GRP underfloor protection.

We achieve extra stability and torsional rigidity with high-strength PU reinforcement bars. 

A constant pleasant interior climate – thanks to a high-performance insulation core made of XPS foam. Moisture has no chance.

It has everything you need. Extra payload since we use innovative materials and clever body engineering. 

The heat stays outside and the warmth stay inside for longer – it‘s all made possible by using the latest insulation materials.
They are effective and lightweight.