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LMC Explorer PremiumI650G



2/4 Berths

6860 mm

3500 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Explorer PremiumI710



4 Berths

7350 mm

3850 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Explorer PremiumI730G



4 Berths

7540 mm

3850 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


LMC Explorer PremiumI740



4 Berths

7540 mm

3850 kg

Price: on request

Including LLT


All accessory prices are quoted for installation ex works. In the event of subsequent installation, additional costs must be expected. Any changes made to your vehicle after it has left the factory may have a negative impact on driving or road safety. The accessories and original spare parts we recommend have been specially developed for your vehicle and approved by us. Any accessories or parts used for attachment, modification, or mounting purposes which are not approved by LMC Caravan GmbH & Co. kg may cause the vehicle to suffer damage or may have a negative impact on road safety. Even if these parts come with a specialist report, approval certificate or design certification, it cannot be assumed the product concerned is of the requisite quality. Please bear in mind that no liability can be assumed for damage caused by products not approved by LMC Caravan GmbH & Co.KG or by impermissible modifications. The weight in running condition** corresponds to the standard model without optional accessories. If optional accessories are installed, the weight of the caravan in its running condition*** will increase and the vehicle load capacity*** will be reduced accordingly. Please consider the weight of the optional accessories in the vehicle load capacity***. Subject to changes in prices, specifications, equipment, facilities and design type. The information on the scope of delivery, appearance and performance correspond to the knowledge available at the time of publication. Variations of + / -5 % are possible in the information regarding dimensions and weight (dimensions in running condition). The vehicle load capacity calculated from this can vary accordingly. Our weight specifications are in accordance with EC Directives 661/2009 and VO (EU) 1230/2012.


Impressions of your new home



Modern materials, modern technology, appealing design - that's quite a neat way to describe the Explorer Premium. Everything that makes a holiday so special in a premium class motorhome, the Explorer Premium has it. It has enough space for a family of four. By combining a mobile home with the amenities of a luxury hotel it offers you every opportunity to enjoy a fabulous holiday. Get on board, drive off and start enjoying your leisure time. Comfort and safety are part and parcel of your travels round the globe in the Explorer Premium. We're very curious to know what your next destination will be in your Explorer Premium. Have fun!



The list of features on the Explorer Premium is just as generous as its interior. It all starts with a Fiat Ducato low-frame chassis with a very low entrance and a low centre of gravity to give you excellent ride comfort. Add to this the future-proof engine with EURO 6 emission control, a 90 l fuel tank, cruise control, LED daytime running lights, automatic climate control in the driver's cab, luxury driver's cab door with electric windows and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, ABS, ASR and ESP with Traction +.  Want to know more? Well, there's a height adjustable steering wheel, swivel and height adjustable driver and front passenger seats, multifunction steering wheel with controls and much more. See our price list for a complete list of all the equipment features.


Gas / Electricity

Gas lines and electricity wiring are the main conductors of energy which bring your vehicle to life. Many functions depend on the reliability of these systems. So at LMC we make it a high priority to ensure that all lines and wiring are installed as specified by standards and we test the quality of every component. All this so you can plug in, press a button and the heater and electrical appliances work without a problem - that's what we stand for at LMC.


Heating / Water supply

It doesn't need to be below zero - a couple of degrees colder is enough to make us shiver with cold. Good thing that the Explorer Premium has an efficient gas heater which you can even program by app to warm up the cabin before you get there. Do you want to turn off your mobile while you're on holiday? No problem - the heater's short warm-up phase heats up the interior of your Explorer to a cosy warmth very quickly after you return to the van. By the way, the fresh and waste water tanks are well insulated to withstand heat and cold. 



All you want to do in the kitchen on holiday is make the coffee? Well you needn't read any further - but for all the others, we've built in a well-equipped kitchen which helps you serve a delicious breakfast or an evening meal of several courses.  That's no problem when you have a 3-burner hob with electric stroke ignition, a 140 l Smarttower fridge and a sink with a luxury glass cover. 


LLT - Long Life Technologie

LMC Long Life Technology is our innovative construction technology. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.



We've put a lot of thought into how you can get the same sleep as at home, forget about everything and wake up hours later fully refreshed. The result: a Premium Package for relaxed sleeping - with medically approved slatted frames, comfortable cold foam mattresses and intelligent blackout and lighting systems. 


Water supply / Washroom

The well thought-out design of the toilet room with its separate shower cubicle in the Explorer gives you a genuine spa feeling in a compact space. The 10 l warm water boiler, warm water mixer tap and plenty of water pressure makes your shower experience almost as good as at home. The electric cassette toilet with a central supply and disposal unit and a 95 l waste water tank are easy to handle.  


Living Area

A cosy living area is the result of many factors. What about a large portion of cosiness with a beautiful Grano finish and a pleasant interior climate? Or a tidy living area with plenty of stowage space behind furniture doors and a large rear garage? Mood lighting with direct or indirect lights? Stylish and comfortable upholstery in the middle seating group, even with head restraints? The Explorer Premium is equipped with all this and so much more, just waiting for you to travel round the globe. 


Please refer to our LMC price lists
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All the highlights at a glance


ALDE heating

The heating system delivers quiet, uniform and comprehensive heat and warm water for the perfect indoor climate.


Pull-out middle section for bed extension

A practical pull-out middle section bed extension transforms the single beds into a large double bed (depends on model) by simple pulling on a handle.



The standard pressure water pumps in the LMC motorhome maintain constant high water pressure.



Never play with fire again. The electrical stroke spark ignition allows you to turn on the stove with ease and comfort.


Ventilated furniture

Ventilated furniture allows air to circulate in the vehicle’s interior. Warm air rises and creates an ideal climate in the living room and the cabinets.


Maximum sleeping comfort

All motorhomes are standardly equipped with multi-zone cold foam mattresses for a high sleeping comfort and ideal support for individual parts of the body.


ALDE heating

The heating system delivers quiet, uniform and comprehensive heat and warm water for the perfect indoor climate.


Culinary pleasure

The kitchen hood makes cooking more comfortable and enjoyable by filtering fat molecules, dissipating steam and neutralising odours. Your enjoyment is paramount.



Never again lose track. The central remote control unit will keep you comfortable up to date with your smartphone on all important functions of your LMC motorhome.


Smoke detector

Safety first. Smoke detectors are installed in all motorhomes.


Drawer guiding with soft close feature

The Soft Stop feeders make working in the kitchen as comfortable and easy as being at home.


Blinds for your privacy

The LMC multifunctional blinds keep the light and the bugs out. Aluminising allows for maximum opaqueness at any time of the day, thereby ensuring your privacy.


Storage space and payload

Optimal usability of payload reserves with a variety of storage spaces and a large rear garage.


Truma Combi 6 heating

The circulating air heating with CP Plus control element provides warmth and comfort in the vehicle’s interior.


USB charging station

The easy way to recharge your mobiles or tablets is to connect them to our USB cradle.


Central control unit located above the entrance door

Everything at a glance. The motorhome’s control unit is centrally located above the entrance door.


16 inch tyres

Fitted as standard on Ducato 35 and 40 models.


Heated, insulated tanks

Fresh water and waste water tanks are located between the chassis rails, promoting optimal weight distribution with a low centre of gravity and reducing overall vehicle height. The tanks are heated and insulated, making them perfectly equipped for the winter.


Parking sensors

Never lose sight. The rear camera shows you at a large angle what’s happening behind the vehicle.


GFK roof, rear and underbody

The GFK roof protects the motorhome effectively against storm damage and weather conditions such as hale. The robust GFK underbody can withstand even the most severe road conditions.


Lightweight Construction

A sophisticated mixture of handpicked, light-weight materials and special production techniques guarantee high payloads.


Increased travel safety

The ESP system TRACTION+ guarantees maximum driving safety in the motorhome. Targeted automatic breaking of individual wheels prevents both oversteering and understeering of the vehicle.


Decomposable construction

Highly stable PU strips in the walls. Moisture-resistant XPS foam guarantees a long service life.



Heated and insulated water tanks allow for travel at the coldest time of the year.


XPS throughout the body

A high-performance insulating core made from XPS foam keeps the cold out of the vehicle in the wintertime and the heat out in the summertime.


Central supply and disposal

All in one place - clean and easily accessible. Operate heater and tank from a central location through a large service flap. 


Central locking system

Travel safely - with the new central locking system cab and body door conveniently close by touch of a button.


Added comfort for your new home

Alaska Grey (Passion / Premium)
Alaska Grey (Passion / Premium)
Coal Black (Comfort)
Ocean Blue (Passion / Premium)
Sahara White (Comfort)
Terra Brown (Comfort)

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All our caravans are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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All our motorhomes are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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